Martial Title and Terms

Japanese Titles

Sempai - Students who are older (in terms of training experience), those students who went on before you. 

Sensei - the Japanese term for teacher, literally means "first" "born". 

Renshi – A Japanese word which means "teacher" or "one who has mastered himself". 

Shihan – A Japanese title given to one who has distinguished himself as a “teacher of teachers”. 

Kyoshi – A Japanese word which means “master instructor.” 

Sóke - A Japanese title that means "Headmaster" or "head of the family" or even "Grand Master". 

Hanshi – or sometimes Shihan is a Japanese word which refers to the “senior instructor of instructors”. 

Ósensei - A Japanese title used to distinguish between two teachers with the same name. The elder or superior one is then called osensei and the younger is called WakaSensei

Chinese Titles

Sije - is the Chinese word for "teacher senior sister". 

Sihing - is the Chinese word for "teacher senior brother". 

Simu - means "teacher mother;" she is your Sifu's wife. 

Sifu - the Chinese word for your own martial arts instructor, means "teacher, father". 

Sikung - is your Sifu's teacher; it literally means "teacher grandfather". 

Sijo - which is Josi flipped backwards. It refers to the founder of a specific system. Great-grandfather or your teacher's teacher's teacher. 

Josi - is a great teacher of a particular martial style; literally means "ancestral teacher".

Bo Staff
Dan Grade
Dojo School
Escrima Short staff or baton
Gi Uniform
Hai "Yes" or Command of execution
Hajime Begin
Junjido Modern style of martial arts taught at IMAI, mixing traditional hard and soft styles
Kama Small sickle
Karate Empty hand
Kata Form, pre-arrange techniques of attack, defense and counterattack. Combines in sequence to simulate combat with serveral opponents.
Katana Sword
Kobudo Martial study of weapons
Kumite Sparring
Kyu Class or Grade
Nunchucks Two short rods connected by a rope or chain
Obi Belt or Sash
Osu "Ready" or "Yes"
Rei Bow
Ryu Way or Style
Sai Dagger with prongs like a trident
Sempai Senior student
Sensei Teacher
Sho First
Shuto Knife hand
Tai Saboki Shifting body
Tonfa Baton with a side handle
Yame Stop
Ichi One
Ni Two
San Three
Shi Four
Go Five
Roku Six
Shichi Seven
Hachi Eight
Ku Nine
Ju Ten

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