Ken Wickline Sensei / Sifu Ken Wickline
Kenneth started training in 2003 at the age of 42 under Sikung Kasey Cheung. He became interested in the Art and started training because his children were taking classes at the school. After fifteen minutes into his first class (which only included the warm-up) he was exhausted and ready to quit. Kenneth did make it through the class, with the realization he was totally out of shape. Kenneth informed Sikung he didn’t think he could continue, but Sikung encouraged him and told him to try another class as it will only get easier. Kenneth did try another class, but it wasn’t any easier. Since he was overweight and out of shape, he knew this was something he had to do. Kenneth’s feeling was that he would try to attend classes until the summer came and he got into a little better shape. After getting involved and feeling the results of training, Kenneth became more motivated. He looked up to the younger kids in class, who were green belts at the time, and thought if he could achieve some of what they were doing like executing sharp techniques and controlled kicks that would be awesome. His next goal was to get a green belt and stop, but something clicked and he couldn’t get enough Martial Arts. From that point on, he has participated and competed in national seminars and tournaments, taking 1st place in many events. He received his black belt in 2007 and is currently a Nidan. His love of the Arts continues to grow. Through Sikung, he has had many opportunities to learn from other Masters and with Sikung’s support, Kenneth continues to expand his knowledge and arsenal attending other schools. In 2009, Kenneth earned a red sash in Running Fist Kung Fu under Josi James Robinson. His motto has always been “just keep showing up”. He shares his sentiment with everyone telling them whether or not you feel like going, just show up as you will feel better when you are done. That is how he did it. Kenneth constantly studies and is always looking to improve himself. His positive attitude is contagious and has helped many others excel in the Art.
Karin Tyree Sensei / Sifu Karin Tyree
In 2005, I got out of military service and became a stay at home mom after having my 2nd child in March of that year. My Son was practicing martial arts at the time with Integrated Martial Arts Institute. I was always impressed with the physical fitness that was given at the beginning of the class and decided I needed to do something. On January 4th of 2006, I joined IMAI for the fitness and figured if I learn some self-defense at the same time then better for me. I fell in love with the art. We trained 6 days a week, sometimes 7, attended seminars, did some competitions and still wished for more. I continue to train with IMAI and Running Fist Kung Fu which is the Father of our Art.

Sometime over the summer of 2012, I was approached by some friends with kids that wanted them to learn some Martial Arts and become more fit. I was not even thinking about teaching at the time. But rather than have them go someplace I know nothing about, I told them to bring them to me and that is how Running Fist Kids came to be.

Sensei / Sifu Manny Mastres
I started training in martial arts in 1999 under Josi James Robinson founder and head instructor of runningfist kung fu. I became a Sifu under Josi James Robinson June of 2015 and I am also recognized as a san dan under world warrior alliance at the same time. My interest in martial arts came at a young age watching old Bruce Lee, Jet Lee and Jackie Chan movies. I am currently training under SiKung Kasey Cheung who is also an instructor in Running Fist Kung fu and Intergrated Martial Arts Institute.
Madeline Nicole Rivera Sensei / Sifu Madeline Nicole Rivera

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